Cursos de iOS (iPhone and iPad Development) in Swift for iOS 11 and Xcode 9 - Swift 4

Código do Curso



35 horas (usualmente 5 dias incluindo pausas)


You must have at least one programming language experience in the past.

Visão geral

Este curso de 5 dias destina-se a desenvolvedores que desejam aprender a desenvolver aplicativos para iPhone e iPad executando o iOS 11. O Xcode 9, o Swift 4 e o iOS 11 introduziram mudanças significativas na forma como os aplicativos são gravados.

O curso é prático e mostra como desenvolver aplicativos a partir do zero usando a linguagem de programação Swift e o Xcode 9 IDE.

Durante o curso, uma aplicação totalmente funcional será desenvolvida a partir do zero usando o Swift .

Este curso só pode ser executado em hardware da Apple baseado em Intel, como um MacBook ou um Mac Mini. Os delegados precisam se registrar na Apple e ter um ID da Apple que é necessário para baixar o software. Os delegados que desejam executar os aplicativos desenvolvidos durante o curso em um iPhone ou iPad usando um cabo USB precisarão registrar seu dispositivo com o Xcode.

Machine Translated

Programa do Curso

Day 1:

  1. OOPS concepts
  2. What is software
  3. Organized v/s un-organized rooms
  4. Why Software
  5. Why iOS
  6. Apple History
  7. iOS History
  8. Apple’s USP
  9. What Apple is famous for
  10. UX v/s UI
  11. IDE?
  12. XCode
  13. XCode installation
  14. Why Objective C and now why Swift?
  15. Wow Factors in Swift 
  16. Swift Basics
  17. Variables
  18. Constants
  19. Hello World in Swift
  20. Label making via code
  21. ImageView
  22. ImageView animations
  23. NSTimer
  24. Responder Chain - touchBegan, touchMoved, etc methods
  25. UiApplication main delegate
  26. Application Life Cycle
  27. View Life Cycle
  28. Any
  29. Optionals
  30. internal, public, private
  31. init
  32. deinit
  33. Playground

Application to Do: Dots Game:

Day 2:

  1. UIView animations
  2. Extenstion
  3. UITable View
  4. Custom Cell in Table View
  5. Delegate and Data Source Methods in Delegates
  6. Header, Footer, Height, etc of Table View
  7. Brief of Collection View
  8. Deque in table view
  9. Mark
  10. Optionals
  11. didSet
  12. willSet
  13. Guard
  14. 2x and 3x concepts
  15. Navigate from one view to other
  16. UINavigation Controller
  17. Present a Controller
  18. StoryBoards
  19. Xibs
  20. Constraints
  21. Size classes
  22. Protocols - Required and optional
  23. Memory management

Application to Do: Notes app : Adding, deleting and updating note

Days 3:

  1. Gestures
  2. Closure
  3. Groups and folders
  4. Gesture recognizers
  5. XML Parsing
  6. NSJSon Serialization
  7. Converting Data to Json
  8. File Manager
  9. Tuples
  10. Enum
  11. For-in
  12. While
  13. Webservices
  14. URL Session
  15. URLRequest
  16. Why eco system of apple is best
  17. Printable - description
  18. Hashable
  19. UIAlertView
  20. UIActivityIndicatorView

Application to Do: Getting data from server from an open API app and make a table view and populate data and show its details also.

Days 4:

  1. Lazy loading of images
  2. Lazy properties
  3. NSOperationQueue
  4. GCD
  5. Directory concept and security of apps NSSearchDomain
  6. Tab Bar controller
  7. Localization
  8. Key Chain
  9. User Defaults
  10. PLists
  11. FileManager
  12. SQlite
  13. Extensiosn
  14. Social media integration: Make own sharable content
  15. UITextField
  16. UITextView
  17. UISegementControl
  18. UISlider
  19. UiSwtich
  20. UIProgessBar
  21. UIPageControl
  22. UIStepper
  23. UIScrollView
  24. UIPicker
  25. UIActionSheet
  26. UIWebView
  27. SearchBar
  28. New target : Apple Watch, Extensions, Keyboard, Today, etc
  29. NSNotifications in IOS
  30. Adding third party libraries
  31. Core Data
  32. Deployment and distribution
  33. Running app on real devices

Application to Do: Getting data from server from an open API app and make a table view and populate data and show its details also and show Search bar and search for something and Core

Days 5:

  1. Push Notification - Silent and Push
  2. Localization
  3. Overview of Objective C
  4. Properties
  5. Categories
  6. Functions syntax
  7. .h and .m file
  8. Property attributes readWrite and readOnly
  9. Property attributes strong, weak and copy
  10. Property attributes atomic and non-atomic
  11. Uploading app to app store

Application of your own idea

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